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I want to explain how skills work on Woool, as you can mess up if you don't understand how everything works.

1.You cannot learn a skill if you have not learned the previous skill
2. Some skills will require you to have a certain skill in order for you to learn.
3. If you have learned x. skill, it could mean you cannot learn y. skill.

Warrior Skills:
You can only learn 1 of the skills.

Slaying | ShadowStrike | SpiritKnife

CrossMoon | Halfmoon

ThunderSword | FlamingSword

Wizard Skills:
You can only learn 1 of the skills.

IceArrow | Thunder

WindStreamer | FlameKnife

IceDragon | Lightning

HellShower | FrozenEarth

ThunderStorm | IceRoar

> IceTornado can only be learned if you have learned ThunderStorm, if you have picked IceRoar, you cannot learn this skill.

Taoist Skills
You can only learn 1 of the skills.

Curse | Poisoning

SummonSkelly | SummonCorpse

Hide | Decoy

SoulTrap | SoulWall

This information is in game, if you open the skills window and hovor over a skill it will display the skill description. It will contain what the skill dose, the level requirements for each level, pre skill to tell you which skill you need before you can learn that skill and at the bottom in Purple will tell you if you have learned a certain skill then you cannot learn that skill.

The Skills on the website are currently wrong, me and Lilq are going to sort all that our within this week which will also tell you what you can and cannot learn.

I hope i explained it well enough, we will be updating the website this week, the skill descriptions are a little off so they will be edited this week.

Pets and Leveling

Taoist Pets:
Level 0 - Can reach level 1 Skeleton.
Level 1 - Can reach level 2 Skeleton.
Level 2 - Can reach level 3 Skeleton.

At the max skill level it will begin to level from monsters, the max level is 7, this gees for Shinsu and TwinDemons.

Wizard and Enticement (Tame)

Wizards pets are different, Enticement level will not have any effect on the monsters you tame, it will just increase your success rate chance. In order for Wizards to level there pets you will need the skill "BeastSurgery" level 34 skill, each skill level will change the level of the monster you tame so for example

BeastSurgery Level 0 - Will allow you to tame pets at level 1
BeastSurgery Level 1 - Will allow you to tame pets at level 2
BeastSurgery Level 2 - Will allow you to tame pets at level 3

Once you have reached max level with BeastSurgery then you will be able to max level your pets the same way as Taoists pets.
The max amount of monsters a wizard can tame is 5.

Pets at level 3 will will enable the leveling up process, this will work by how many monsters you pet has killed, after it's killed a certain amount it will level up, the higher the level the harder it will get to level.

Taming Monster List: