v0.62 Server Recruitment


Hello all, since most of us are new, welcome everyone!

I'm currently looking for staff to help me run and develop my server I'm working on. I've been working on this project for a while and it's just too much to do everything myself and I require some assistance.

Some background info on the type of server:
- It's going to be a mid rate server and economy based
- Although it's going to be non-gms like, it'll have some core functions like quests, boats and etc working.
- The server version is v0.62.

Who/what am I looking for?
- gfx artist
- wz and xml editors
- localhost client editor
- website developer
- game masters to help run the server
- NPC coder/helper
- and economist

I'm not really looking for a or any lead developers as I currently fill this position.

I would also like to know some additional information in your applications:
- Your MS private server experience or any additional experience that would aid to your case
- When have you started playing devloping/coding or gained interest in the MS PS scene
- What was your favorite server you ever played (TOP 3) and why?
- Are you going to be active, if so how active?
- What form of communication do you use?

Again additional experience would be helpful for me to choose.