THIS... is Conquera [DEVS]


Posted this in Cherry Credits Conquera forum, but needs approval there. Not sure if will be approved, but either way I'm posting it here as well for visibility.

TLDR, screenshots and video at bottom.

To start with, devs please feel free to check my characters if possible and see how many hours I have put into the game over the last few weeks. It's a lot...

IGN - Rob
IGN - Trebor

So, I played my warrior up until level 30 with Spring Boxes. The Spring Boxes stopped, and it quickly became apparent that my Warrior could no longer sustain the cost of pots for hunting in places my level as - a) Pot prices are too high, and - b) Gold drops too rare.

I left the developers feedback on this issue via facebook (as to me, its game breaking), and they said the feedback was received. I decided to make a Mage in the meantime, so that I could use pets and not have to buy pots.

Today, my Mage is level 26 - I hit this level last night. I couldn't wait to hit this level to finally get the first decent pets - Black Maggots. It took some grinding without the Spring Boxes, "but gonna be worth it!", I thought.

Unfortunately, though, today is the day that I stop playing Conquera.

I just spent around 50 minutes retaming my 5 level 7 Black Maggots. Yes, thats 50 minutes with my finger constantly on one button. That is not game play.

For anyone wondering, that was 836 e-shocks (aka seductive rays) and around 40,000(?) gold worth of MP pots.

A few points as to why this is absurd.

1) Pets untame after exactly 2 hours after they were tamed individually.

2) Pets take one hour to get to level 7 and therefore be decent. You would think this is a lot, but if you can retame them again at level 7 afterwards, who cares?

3) When pets untame, you have about 5-10(?) minutes to retame them or they lose their level 7 status (which is absolutely ridiculous), rendering your first hours work with them a waste of time if you don't manage that in time.I lost level 7 status on three out of five.

4) If I spend one hour retaming them all, and then go and spend one hour more getting three of them back up to level 7, then the one that I tamed first is ready to untame again. It would basically be a never ending circle of leveling them up, retaming them again.

5) All of the above leaves very little to no time to get the benefits of these pets.

Surprise surprise, though - there is a solution to all this. Cash Shop! Yaaaay!

Thats right folks! For just 2,800cc, you can buy a brew that will make your pet taming skills stronger for 30 minutes! Yep, you heard me - we are taking a very important core skill of a Wiz, and turning it into cheap profits!

At around £1.70 per brew (rough guess), you can retame your pets! Play for 8 hours a day? No problem, buy 4! Play 25 days per month? No problem, buy 100! Play 340 days a year? No problem, buy 3,400!

Total cost (inc VAT) - £5,780
You can choose to spread this into monthly payments of £480 per month.
Thank you for shopping with Dick Terpin, inc.

And this is just for pet retaming! No chance I'm taking this crap.

Devs - is it acceptable to charge people this much for a core Wiz spell to be effective? Is it acceptable to have peoples "gameplay" consist of 50 minutes of pushing one button if they chose not to buy? Do you HONESTLY think you will retain players this way?

The answer to all of the above is no. Take it from a life long addicted Mir player who puts ridiculous hours into the game. If you can't retain me, you are not going to retain others. Trust me.

I topped up 3 times (10,000cc each time) with your service to buy cash cakes before I realised that 250k gets you nowhere. You can see in the screenshot here I still have CC.

Your game is ripping people off. You cannot make things like a core wiz spell or basic pot costs unobtainable to customers unwilling to constantly pump huge amounts of cash into the game.

You are ruining the huge potential this game has. You need to fix it before you do too much damage.

I'm all for paying money for a game. Hell, I'd pay a monthly subscription of £10 for this game if the cash shop wasnt there (and spells, pot costs fixed).

As it stands though, the game is ruined by the reliance of the cash shop to enjoy basic aspects of the game. I continued to give it the benefit of the doubt and try new things (eg Wiz when I realised Warrior was unsustainable without cash shop) to keep me going, but this last fiasco is the final straw.

I will check patch notes every month or so. If I see that:

1) The gold issue is fixed
2) Cash shop is fixed / modified in some way (or at least cash cakes and seductive brews taken out)

Then I will return.

Until then Devs, here is a video of some quality gameplay of this title you are currently murdering. Its a ShadowPlay video and a hopeful reminder to you that this is a big part of what your game is. Would you like to play a game like this, devs?

Unfortunately, I didnt realise I had insufficient space on my harddrive, so ShadowPlay only saved 13 minutes. Dont worry though, this 13 minutes of gameplay was identical to the other 40 minutes.

Hope you turn this **** around, as this is genuine feedback from someone who really loves Mir. If you can't market to me, then something is going wrong, so I genuinely hope very much to check in a few months and see some patch notes that show you care about some kind of customer retention and aren't just in it to get as much as you can from individuals before they realise it's better to quit.

One passionate Legend of Mir fan / Angry Conquera customer.

TLDR - game is a rip off, exploiting what should be standard and basic gameplay to back customers into a corner and drive sales though cash shop, and thus making the game unplayable if you dont wan't to sink hundreds of £/$ per month into it. The irony is, that people like me willing to pay money will not stand for this bull****, so the game is actually losing money by not retaining me as a customer. I quit until something drastic changes.