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Is o game server toplist project I started back in December 2015 and opened it in 2016 and abandoned the project leaving it online until the end of November 2017. A lot of people asked me to release the source code and database and since I saw so much interest in my platform I decided to reopen it. In 1 year without any advertising, no SEO nothing just a poor html code site managed to reach a total of 19k page views with only 37 active websites registered.

Now I invite all of you to recheck the brand new ONTOP500, hopefully you will register your servers and tell your friends about it. I have really big plans with this platform and hopefully can provide weekly updates.

  • Updated to bootstrap for a responsive layout
  • Easy registration form, email confirmation system enabled
  • Automatically clean inactive sites for more than 3 months
  • Automatic top reset every first day of the month
  • Easy customizable vote codes
  • NO Premium accounts offering everyone a fair advantage to get on top, going to make the required money to keep the site up from donations/advertising
  • Weekly categories monitoring to see if we should add/remove a category
  • Website and Gaming latest news, will try to to post as frequent as possible and maybe hire an article writer soon if I get enough donations.
  • 12 hours automation system, your players will be able to vote again after 12 hours from the last vote
  • Anti proxy script, votes coming from a proxy address won't count to avoid double voting and other vote hacks

Please take not that I am not selling premium account status, all traffic is organic providing a fair environment for everyone.

I decided in order to be able to pay the host expanses I will sell advertising spots and a highlight spot for up to 4 server. And also added a tip jar so if you like my work and would like to help even 1$ mean a lot. Donators will be shown under a special thank box, the box will be visible after I receive 5 donations, still trying to find the perfect spot for that box.


  1. -Splitted user database from sites database allowing users to add multiple sites on a single account
  2. -Added postback function for free, careful this system is in beta testing
  3. -Added pingback function for free, careful this system is in beta testing
  4. -Updated sites database and functions
  5. -Updated user database and functions
  6. -Moved footer navigation and replaced it with latest news
  7. -Improved ranking system
  8. -Changed navbar design
  9. -Added user navbar in account panel with all user tools
  10. -Updated registration page, now it's user based rather then site based
  11. -Added category icons

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