[Legend Of Mir] - Twisted Soul [Custom Crystal]


Hello guys! I've been working on my server for roughly over a year now, and wanted to build up some publicity, below is a rough advertisement. I hope you enjoy!

- Experience Rate [x4] Medium
- Drop Rate Chance [X1.5]
- Gold Rate Chance [x1]

Website & Forums:
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Facebook Page: Tatsunuko Mir II

Host Details
The server is run from a Dedicated Host
300MB Connection Line
Anti Dos Protection & No IP Filtering

Download TwistedSoul Mir II Installer
[will be released here, when available]

Download TwistedSoul Mir II AutoPatcher:
[will be released here, when available]

"Version: Crystal (Custom Coded)"

Medium Leveling Rate
Medium Drop Rate
Medium Gold Rate
Low - Medium Item Stats
Current Level Cap Is Set As Level 70

Server Team
Shaun - General Owner & Coder & Forum Management.
Raiv - Coder & Developer
BoSkii - Content Manager / Creator
Styles - In-game Control Officer

All new comers will be level 1, receive 0 gold.

TwistedSoul is a Medium-Rate server, with the twists & perks of a high & low rate mixed together.
The server has plenty of quests & new systems & events to keep every-day players entertained thoroughly.

Level Cap has been implemented to allow us to constantly update the server with new patches.
You will be a free-standing player who will do as you please along with the other players (Within a reasonable attitude).

Warriors / Wizards / Taoists
"Whats New?"

Spell Perks
1 Warriors will receive the new spell "Frozen Slash"
2. Warriors will receive the new spell "Molten Slash"

Spell Perks
1. Wizards will receive the new spell "Flaming Infero".
2. Wizards will receive the new spell "Portal"

Spell Perks
1. Taoists Spells such as "Poison, SoulFireBall, Poison Cloud, Curse, Ultimate Enchancer" etc, will no longer require you to equip the Poison / Amulet.
2. Taoists will now have up gradable & stronger Summon Skeletons & Shinsu's
3. Taoists will receive the new spell "Holy Prism".
4. Taoists will receive the new spell "Defending Shield".

Archer Class, Will not be implemented into theses files. until we see fit that they are 100% fully functional & Balanced

Pet Licences
The pet licence is a new twist on wizards Electric Shock spell which doesn't get used much these days.

To obtain the "Wizards Pet Licence" you must complete a variety of different quests in order to complete each licence.
Once you have completed a quest, you will gain access to either tame, or purchase 5 pets.
Don't worry, you can also tame vast amount of monsters while your exploring.

CreditPoint Quest System
(@Achievements & Key 9)

The "CreditPoint System" will play a huge roll across your playing-time on Legend Of Mir TwistedSoul
By typing @Achievements Or Pressing Key 9 in-game, you will have the ability to take part in a HUGE variety of quests which will help you unlock several new things across the Lands Of TwistedSoul.

You will be required to under-go different styles of quests in order to achieve "Credit Points".
Each time your Credit Point Score gets higher, you will be able to:

-Access new leveling caves
-Access new hunting grounds
-Have the ability to wear new items
-Unlock new "Missions"

Guild Quests
All guilds who have access to their "Guild Territories" will have the opportunity to take part in some new
"Guild Quests".
Guild Quests are there to unlock each floor of their Guild Caves, each of which leading to something new & different each floor.
There may be some surprises along the way!

Guild Territories will also have access to their very own "Portal".
This will allow Guild Members to skip a couple of floors, rather than having to run and do things the longer way.

Although Guild Territories will come at a cost..

Clan System
Clan System allow's you to access a whole new town aswell as better potions, Rental Npc (Items Have Expires On them).
Clan System will allow players to gain Buffs, Depending on which Clan they have chosen.
There are 3 Different Clans you can join, Gold, Silver, Bronze.
Gold - Offers you a 25% Clan Buff, Silver - Offers you a 20% Clan Buff And Bronze - Offers you a 15% Clan Buff.

Last Man Standing
This is a PVP based event, which will allow players who think they are tough enough to fight each other, put their PVP skills to the real test.
Winners will be rewarded!

A Token is required to enter.
This can be obtained from the "LastManStandingCave"

Opening & Closing Time-Table: EVERYDAY!
12:00 - 12:10 GMT
18:00 -18:10 GMT

Daily Bosses/Battle Arena's
Daily bosses will run every 1-3 hours every-day with a huge selection of kill-worthy monsters.

Heres how it works:
Every couple of hours, players will receive a server shout on the Chat Bar.
e.g. "The Great Oma King Spirit has arisen from the dead!"
There is roughly 10 bosses summoned daily.
When the shout appears, all the players across the server will all jump to kill this 1 boss.
Although it will NOT be easily done.

Who will you team up with?

What other features is there?
We will let you find the rest out yourself!

Here is a couple of things to look out for:

Palace Keys
Accessable via Purchase from the "Game Points" NPC.
GamePoints can be collected from Monsters & Bosses!

Unlockable quests found via the @Q system.

Quest Dialog
A selection of different quests for everybody.
You can browse the Quest Dialog by Pressing the Letter "Q" In-game.

Group Buff System
Each member added to the group will give an additional 10% exp buff to the group.

- As long as you're with your fellow team mates (Same Map, and within X Radios)

Boss Lands
A Variety of different bosses all located on 1 map.
Will open at different Times.

Game Points
Different bosses drop different amounts of Game Points.
Game Points offer a variety of different perks once handed in.

Secret Hunting & Leveling
There is secret hunting & leveling maps hidden around TwistedSoul.
Keep your eyes peeled!
HINT: Answer the riddles, and unlock the quests.
Then you may slay, those dusty temple pests.

Level Ranking System
Accessible via "Menu" tab or Shortcut (K)

All classes DC/SC/MC and Spells have all been thoroughly tested against monster & players.
They are ALL well balanced!

No Current E.T.A !!!

Thanks For Reading - Twisted Soul Mir II Server Team.