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Server name: DarkSide

Server started on 17 January 2014!
There are starting packs for new players to help them catch up!

It is an old style Mir 3 server with low exp, group hunts and PVP starting at level 34.

All rates are x1, however as server is old it is much easier for new players to catch up.

Type of server: PTW (3g engine, job maps)
Language: English + Polish as alternative in some of the NPCs
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Full client download:
Please follow this guide:
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There are no premium accounts on the server, however there is integral points system, with exp vips, pets, gems, drugs and other additional stuff that will help you level faster for supporting our server.

It is not possible to buy items on Dark Side!

More Information:
* Main city is WoomonWoods, if you are looking for players, start there.
* When you begin try to collect some gold and then go to WoomonWoods next to store you have pet rental system, where you can rent a free pet up to a certain level!
* There are are many many maps, you can access most from North & West Teleport Stones!
(Its more organized and a lot of caves have something extra)
* Items are available for levels 1-66 atm, and more will come when anybody gets close to 70.
* FameSystem in game (bosses gives FP directly to your character) also you need Fame to wear some items!
* New pet rental systems.
(lots of different pets for gold)
(2 kinds of healers available, unique random pets)
* More powerful Tao pets (shin is very fast, Jin has area spells, can hit many mobs at once with quite high dmg)
(there are better pets the higher level you get)
* Many new Bosses. (There are 50+ bosses in game so far + many extra for events)
* Lots of useful NPC's (About 100+ custom NPCs!)
* Level 40+ skills have their own unique quests.
* There are quests for Para/Pro and PrimalRage as well as 100+ others for fp, gems, gold, etc.
* Every boss has its own Drop File (you cant find same items from 2 different bosses)
* Rebirth is available every couple of levels, starting as low as lvl 36, but gives only 5% extra exp, after rebirth.
Many other changes I leave for you to find out yourself.

For screenshots please check our Facebook page:
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If you have any issues, questions etc. Feel free to talk to me on msn: [email protected] or just email me.

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