Infinity Road l Cap 135 | Ch-EU | Balanced - Long Term | Free2Play |



Our vision for Infinity Road, for silkroad and for the community has been decided even before beginning this project.

Before reforming this project, we thought about what shall we do in order to satisfy the players needs? What actually helps know what everyone wants/needs in order to have a fair stable server with such a good amount of players? Our vision during the old server until now has totally changed. First, in order to satisfy our players needs, we want a flexible team to communicate who can works very hard for their server. Second, a stable *protected* server lets everyone satisfied about the situation of the server which also encourages more and more players to join. Third, Long-term server makes a touch unforgettable during the prvSRO's history plus makes such a noise which attracts the players to it. Those, are the three topics that we must work hard to earn them. We cannot do it alone, our players support us. The server contains every kind of SilkRoad, in order to include all the players in it, we've full PVE/PVP server during the 24 hours on 7 weeks. The jobbing system in our system is very strong by adding to it its own-self coin, which is considered in our server a strong currency to work with this. I won't talk much, I, proudly, present to everyone, our server, Infinity Road. After one year of being online, we decided to relaunch the server with more features/skills/events/etc.. in order to make the view more better. The server contains a huge amount of systems and features. Our team is well, professional, we change our view to shoot the right aim of our players mind. We present you one the biggest high level private server, Infinity Road.

We decided to start it and leave our very own mark in the history of Silkroad private servers. Our goal is to make an extraordinary server with a great deal of interesting and new features, yet, not over-editing the game-play. All the features have been added for the sole purpose of complementing the game-play, leaving fundamental ideas untouched, yet enhancing them with interesting and unique rewards.

Grand opening

Date : 16/02/2018

Time : 19:00GMT+2


Facebook Page:

General Server Information

[TABLE="head"]Server Type Free2Join , Pay2Join.

Server Capacity 1000 Slots.

Server Traffic Stat Populated.

Server Version 1.500.

Server Purpose PvE/PvP/TRD/FW/FGW.

Server Cap 135.

Server Degree 14D.

Server Race European & Chinese.

Skill Mastery Cap 135.

Skill EU Mastery Cap 270.

Skill CH Mastery Cap 540.

Experience Rate 800x.

SP Experience Rate 800x.

Party Experience Rate 900x.

Party SP Experience Rate 900x.

Drop Rate 250x.

Gold Rate 80x.

SOX Rate Custom.

Job Rate 20x.

Alchemy Rate 3x.

Stall & Consignment Enabled.

Monthly Event Enabled.

Weekly Events Enabled.

Mercenaries Disabled.

Forgotten World (Shipwreck) Disabled.

Silk (hour) Disabled.

Forgotten World Rate 3x.

Hotan Fortress Enabled.

Capture the Flag Enabled.

Survival Arena Colosseum Enabled.

PC Limit 2.

Plus Limit 20 No adv.


Start Items & Resources

» Items(Avatar Dress).

» Items(Avatar Hat).

» Items(Gold Dragon Flag).

» Items(Devil's Spirit)13%.

» Buffs(105% Speed Increase 1Day).

Complete the quest

» Items(Exp Booster (1000%) 3hour).

» Items(Scroll Blue Item Job).

» Items(Reverse Return Scroll 25).

» Items(Global Chatting 25).

» Items(Pet 11Day).

» Items(Instant Return Scroll 5k).

» Items(Scroll Str 10).

» Items(Scroll Int 10).

Auto Equipment.

» system Conflict

Your gear will automatically change on the following level stages seen on the pictures below.

» D1~D10 = SUN+6 FB.

» D11= NOVA+6 FB.

» D12 = Moon+6 FB.


You must be registered for see medias

Item F10 Mall..

» A-lot of new and special items.

» Various of new items, pets etcetera (e.g. Lottery Scrolls)

Jupiter Mirror.

» Here you can get Infinity Coins.

» Here you can get some special elixirs and rare items.

Unique Jupiter

» Here you can get Lottery items Gold.

Holy Water Temple .

» You can get D13 NOVA weapons and sabakun's jewels by killing the uniques inside it, you can enter it 3times per day, also you should be Lv130+ to be able to teleport to the Temple.

D13-Upgrading System.

» You can change d13 NOVA weapons to be SOM and D13 SOM weapons to be SUN

» 5 D13 NOVA weapons = 1 D13 SOM weapon.

» 3 D13 SOM weapons = 1 D13 SUN weapon.

Monsters Arabia .

»Kings Valley 131~133

»Storm and Cloud Desert 133~135

»Drop This element is used to craft the 14th Degree Legendary

JobWar System

» Once you kill your enemy(Trader/thief/hunter), you will get 2 job coin(JC), you can check the quantity by clicking F10, (NOTE: (in order to avoid farming of coins and to keep the gameplay fair)

You've to be level 125 or higher

You may not be higher than 5 levels than your opponent

Your opponents and your IP must be different

Maximum 250 JC usually per 24 hours

At the maximum 5 JC per 24 hours from the same opponent

If you didn't kill an opponent in the past 24 hours you'll gain 1 JC, no mater if you reached already 250 JC in the past 24 hours....

Rank Uniques

»maximum 10 buff King

Tiger Girl


Captain Ivy



Lord Yarkan

Demon Shaitan

Titles System

»buy 50Silk

Kills Uniques

[TABLE="head"]Name Silk

Tiger Girl 4/Silk

Cerberus 4/Silk

Captain Ivy 4/Silk

Uruchi 4/Silk

Isyutaru 4/Silk

Lord Yarkan 5/Silk

Demon Shaitan 5/Silk

Tiger Girl High Titan 2/Silk

Cerberus High Titan 2/Silk

Captain Ivy High Titan 2/Silk

Uruchi High Titan 2/Silk

Isyutaru High Titan 2/Silk

Lord Yarkan High Titan 4/Silk

Demon Shaitan High Titan 5/Silk

SoSo The Hades Viper High Titan 10/Silk

Medusa 60/Silk


Drop Uniques

Lottery Silk Scroll

[TABLE="head"]Name Drop

Selket 4~5

Neith 4~5

Anubis 4~5

Isis 4~5

Medusa 5~7