help me pls


1- im trying to make my pc a server to run my mir on it but i dnt know the right way to make it a server if u can give me link to show me how to make my pc a server thank you.

2- Blizzard @myserver if some one hited me while im hiting blizzard it doin 0 dmg
i wanna make it still effect even if i got hit from monster or players w.e.

3-Awaking Npc i have got the awaking full script but its sometimes work fine and sometimes break the item which im awaking btw i just edited the awaksuccess rate from the source by VisualStudio
Commons.CS or w.e it called AwakingSuccessRate=70 i just made it 100 and it still break the items.

4-PoisonCloud when i use it @mobs or players @pk it dont green psn any one it just doing dmg
i wanna make it greenpoison monster , players.

thank you.