Hello from Pristontale EU.



Pristontale EU is a Classic replication of the original Priston Tale as in between 2001-2004.You can find Pristontale EU at
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as the main source of information. Tools such as rankings/clan system/registration/forums/mixing formulas etc.

We're currently in an open beta phase and will soon announce the official release date.
On the official release of Pristontale EU, all players will start at level 1 and we'll relive the Pristontale game all over again together.

Pristontale EU is also an open source project and all changes/fixes will be applied to our public repository.


We're replicating the original Pristontale this means a maximum of tier 4 spells and no shaman/assassin class. All experience/drop rates are 1x and will make the game difficult but rewarding.

Slight adjustments to the original game
  • Widescreen client 1920x1080
  • +10 stat distribution button
  • Multiple warehouse pages
  • Right-click storing/selling
  • Level 1-20 gains 2x EXP
  • Guide Ran quests for early game

The Pristontale EU team is recruiting more staff members to fill the roster. Roles such as; Game Master, Discord Moderator, Forum Moderator, Developer, Graphic designer, Video editor.

Wish to join the team?
Approach Chaos on
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You can find Pristontale EU on: