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Greetings everyone!

In last few months we worked a lot on our new, fresh, progressive realm.
Having said that, current release date is August 1st.

Quick info:
* Blizzlike 1x Rates
* Progressive
* Nothing Custom

Released on start:
* Naxxramas
* Vault of Archavon
* The Obsidian Sanctum
* The Eye of Eternity
* Season 5

Unknown release date at the moment:
* Ulduar (Emalon added)
* Argent Tournament Grounds (Daily Quests)
* Trial of the Champion
* Trial of the Crusader (Koralon added)
* Isle of Conquest
* Onyxia's Lair
* Frozen Hall Dungeons
* Icecrown Citadel (Toravon added)
* Ruby Sanctum

Please, do note that we haven't updated website yet.

Store it self gonna be changed as well - Only Pets and Mounts gonna be available trough it, like on retail store.
We might gonna add some Vanity items (TCG Loot) but before we decide, there will be question and vote inside community.

You can check our Trailer bellow - Please, remember it's for current Realm where we have Premium Account (Custom Feature) which won't be available on our progressive realm.

Feel free to join us on Discord discord as well.

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Hey folks!

I'm glad to announce that we are ready to go online!
That will happen tonight - July, 29th at 00:01 Paris time (18:01 New York, 01:01 Moscow).

Useful links:

Frozen Nexus - Info

After community votes and previous polls, here's the info about realm itself:
* Blizzlike - 1x Rates, for everything.
* Progressive content - Check more bellow.
* Store updated - Few categories are closed.
* Live support trough Website - Email if there's no available Agent.

* Naxxramas - Fully re-scripted.
* Vault of Arcavon - Arcavon only (Emalon, Koralon and Toravon will be available during progression)
* Obsidian Sanctum - Fully re-scripted mainly cause Sartharion 3D!
* Eye of the Eternity - Fully re-scripted cause quest(s). Sartharion key is required!
* Season 5 - Legacy PvP vendors (Season 4 and other spawned)
* All Realm First achievements are available!

General information:

* Frozen Halls and Trial of the Champion dungeons are not avaialble!
* Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader, Onyxia's Lair, Icecrown Citadel and Ruby Sanctum are not available!
* Argent Tournament Ground Daily and Weekly quests are not available.
* Quests (Stories) toward Icecrown Citadel Frozen Hall Dungeons and Trial of the Crusader are not available!
* Weekly quests (Dalaran) updated due progressive realm.
* First Normal / Heroic daily rewards updated.
* Hrothgar's Landing updated due Argent Tournament Ground quests.
* Minigob Manabonk added to Dalaran event!
* Visitors added to Dalaran event!
* Isle of Conquest Battleground is not available!
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