Essence Rohan | Pve/Pvp 99 Server

Welcome to Essence Rohan!

So we've been testing several other servers and playing around with things in-game. We came to a discussion that we would try and work on releasing a 99 modified rohan server. Oldschool, Vanilla'ed skills except CD times & nothing changed too too much in the game. We really imagined a true fun (balanced as much as we can) server with some added-on content overtime.

This server that we're releasing is very basic, but has some additional features we've implemented ourselves in the game. Such as, A new GH (player gathering) spot, Custom quests, leveling spots, new bosses, and new costumes... As you would say the server is oldschool 99 but unique in a way.

Brief description:
This server will resemble xor & oldschool rohan feeling but a slight twist to our standards. The gameplay will be PVE/PVP, It will be required to farm 2 win without having to pay for donated armor,weps,rings etc or things being easily obtainable ingame. Rates have been set to be low rather than high because the server's plan is to make the game more time consuming and work for your gears and earn them, instead of getting them within hours. The server gameplay will be sort of plain jane, but meaningful & purposeful.. All farming spots from back then will be useful again, All bosses from Ahkma to R5 back in action meaning R5 will be the best bosses ingame. There will be no hazy map nor ruler aswell and bezemut & elizabeth and the ronelia underground cell bosses will be temporary unavailable till updated. No IP Mall everything crone based & No twins untill further notice. The server will have daily,weekly & monthly quests to keep players occupied and frequent server events & pvps is the plan as the server progresses to occupy the community.

Sneak Peak Details:
- Max Level 99
- Non-Heroic
- Low Damage & HP Server
- Everything Crone Based
- No Fused Pets "Basic pets stats have been reworked"
- HK Server "No HK over 24hrs"
- Flexible starter items, "Nothing extremely op, Or too noobish"

- EXP: x10-x6 "Original iRohan Rate"
- DROP: x6-8 "Original iRohan Rate"
- CRONE: X6 "Original iRohan Rate"

Forging Rates:
- RARE: 85%
- UNIQUE: 65%
- ANCIENT: 45%

Deleveling Rates:
- 1 DELEVEL: 90%
- 2 DELEVELS: 85%
- 3 DELEVELS: 80%

Status Refine:
- 1 REFINE: 90%
- 2 REFINES: 85%
- 3 REFINES: 75%

Tamir Rates:
+ 1 = 100%
+ 2 = 95%
+ 3 = 85%
+ 4 = 50%
+ 5 = 40%
+ 6 = 20%
+ 7 = 10%
+ 8 = 5%
+ 9 = 3%
+ 10 = 1%

Server Status v.v
The server isn't currently online & released for OBT yet. The planned server release is february 23rd but isn't 100% final. CBT will last till feb 22, 2018

If you'd like to join the servers community and join as a player and not miss out on the fun feel free to join our discord & take a look at our website (100% Official Website being released later) as the links will be provided below.

- Note: This server is for players that want to spend there time and invest on a server and grind and earn what they get and grind to be the best ingame. We would like to try and bring back old times but keep some 2015-2018 rohan gameplay in and have fun overall.


- PS: Before it happens, let us say that negative comments will be ignored, please don't take anything personal. We're just focusing on the server and it's release and expectations. All questions,concerns & comments we feel important & necessary to us, or beneficial, will be answered as fast as we can.

Fanpage/FB Group:
Server Trailer:
Backlink: At the bottom of the servers website