Looking to join a server dofus 2.10-.4 for fun pvp and pvm? looking to be a staff member with unique designs and ideas for a server? Then join discord channel (Edora_Beta) and start demanding today! Brand new server hardly a week old, looking for serious staff members with decent amount of coding/photoshop experience, also in need of serious testers (Pvm/Pvp) for report/screens bugs . server is in mode beta but on a standard Hamachi base(36+ computers as handled without PF/router)

#1 Join discord/download client(2.10)
#2 Download Hamachi/Connect to Hamachi ip tunnel
#3 Change Config ip in (Folder App)To match Hamachi ip
#4 connect server and enjoy!
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If anyone know where I can find a CMS for 2.10 please message me immediately, I'm trying to create website ASAP.


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