Donation Prices & Rules

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1$ = 1k Eps
5$ = 5k Eps
10$ = 10k Eps
20$ = 22k Eps
50$ = 54k Eps
100$ = 110k Eps

Donation Payment Options:
- Paypal (Only atm, More options will be added within the next few days).

1. Once you've donated there are no refunds after the first hour.
2. No charge backs, Your IP & Account will be banned
3. You may split/half your points into different accounts only "twice"
4. Please be patient while we add your points

All services being paid through paypal but be paid through goods & services and no refunds after the first hour of the payment! The donation income we get from the server is a special thank you, from everyone who's whiling to help the server improve in it's server host or help with payments to keep the server running!

Please also keep in mind, Some of the Item Mall's prices are high for a specific reason. We don't want things being bought or given to them for little to nothing because we want people to work for whatever they're trying to get. So for donations the prices of some is higher because we don't want many people buying 100s of something because its dirt cheap. It's a pve server so things will be ran differently, And we hope everyone understands!

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Not open for further replies.