Collected Works [Ideas]

Hello everyone,
i want to share some ideas i have for the upcoming server.
I know that the server isnt done yet and dont worrry... no hurry.
Maybe some ideas are interesting.

Basic Feature Suggestions:
  1. Temple of Wishes: Replace 10k mana, energy, and arena invitation to more rewarding items. Make summon stones more common.
  2. Offer 4 hour 2x Exp for ~24 crystals. (from SW Vip Server)
  3. Modify Secret Dungeons: increase encounter rate slightly or possibly have a “meter” fill up for every time you clear a Hall of Element, and when it reaches max a random SD is discovered?
  4. Improve daily login rewards (Maybe change back to old style where u got a monster?)
  5. Give a monster for start. (I like the way how the VIP Server is doing it. Giving Fire Inugami)
  6. Magic Shop: improve changes of summoning stones, improve rune rate? Limit the refresh rates to 30 per day.
  7. Make more monsters available from Secret Dungeons.
  8. Improve drop rates on Floor 10 for all Halls to encourage people to grind at level 10 and push harder to optimize different farming strategies
  9. Dedicate certain channels to specific languages. Make 101 the “Global” channel, mostly for English speakers to unify the community, and have some sort of notice for other languages to group in another channel. We do not want to force a divide in the community however, so simply offer a universal suggestion for people to congregate.
  10. (May) change the time of SD to 30 minutes. This increase the frequency of new SD’s and the game will be fast enough to handle at least 1 monster per 30 minutes
  11. Increase the max of Arena Invitations (from 10 to 15)

Event Suggestions:
  1. *Every Saturday, all essence dungeons are open. Including the event x2 essence drop.
  2. Milestone Events (where the player is told to do something many times and is rewarded prizes for certain amounts collected): like in the main server, however milestone events should be more frequent, possibly 1-2 times a month.
  3. Weekly challenges: meet certain requirements throughout the week to get a reward. Possibly choose from a selection of goals, like in the hall of heroes, that you can work towards. Make tougher challenges more rewarding. (beat a certain stage, X number of times in one day; other methods for goals)
  4. Secret Dungeon reward: if you successfully summon a monster from summoning pieces, you earn points based on the star number of the monster summoned. Exchange points you earn for crystals/scrolls/event rewards
  5. Scenario Events:Collect monsters available from scenarios to earn certain rewards.

!!!Most of these Event suggestions are taken from the VIP Server while the official Global Server doesnt have these events.!!!

Event Rewards:
  1. Awakening Force
  2. Honor Point Booster
  3. Premium Pack
  4. Rune Box (Gold)
  5. Mana Stone Booster
  6. Exp Booster
  7. Crystals
  8. Summoning Stone pack
  9. Mana stone pack
  10. Attribute Boost packs
  11. Free Rune removal for 1 day
  12. Magic Essences

So far, that are my suggestions for the upcoming server. Share your opinion.