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Server Mir3GSP Server Files 2017-11-02

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Legend of Mir 3 GSP Server Files
Instructions have been added in the files on how to configure everything, SQL fix for creating characters, how to add new GMs, original DB backup and more. Also added fixes for createchar, hall of fame, ect. and added pictures to help beginners with SQL on how to launch a query.

NPC Utility
Added NPC commands utilities to gates so if you call these commands on a script the rungate cleans the bags of the player.


RunGate for GSP
A basic edition of Rungate for GSP files is also included. The rungate autopatch memory for all the needing to run properly, for this I suggest to open after the eiserver exe.

Features added:
- Log chat of all in-game players.
- Listing of players and accounts logged.
- Direct kick of any player instantly.
- Auto player name coloring if a player has a Rebirth level > 0.
- DDoS basic protection.
- Protocol hash and check for security to prevent basic client cheats.

For further assistance follow the instructions included.

AutoPotion added to the files which is a program to make the AutoPotion function external because GSP does not have one implemented. Run as Admin to work and when on the Game scene.
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