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Server CrystalM2 Server Files

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1) Download files and extract contents into a folder and call it 'Server'.
2) Open Server.exe and wait for the server window to open and run through its opening process (4 lines appear - Maps Loaded, Drops Loaded, Envir Started, Network Started). This means the server is now running, locally.
3) Open 'Config' -> 'Server' which opens the configform. On the general tab you need to either a) Untick the 'check version' or b) Use the version path to locate your client.exe in the client directory. Close the ConfigForm.
3) Now the server is running and ready for your client to connect to.
4) Navigate to your Client folder (download separately) and run Client.exe. Create account, login, create character etc.

To make a char a GM/Admin

1) In the server.exe, go to 'Account' which opens accountinforform window.
2) Click on your account to load that particular accounts settings in the bottom half of the window.
3) Tick the box entitled 'Administrator'.
4) Every char created on that account will now automatically be an Admin, new or already created.
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